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Compare bank prices

Banks have different prices for their services. Luckily, it is easy to assess bank products from a range of different banks on the websites and Basalindlå gives you the option of comparing bank prices on different loans i.e. consumer loans and home loans. was developed by the Danish Consumer Council and Finance Denmark and is available in Danish.

At Basalindlå you can see the price of setting up a basic deposit account and the associated annual costs. In addition, you can see the price of a cash card or debit card that individual banks offer for the account and the price for withdrawing cash in the banks branch, via the banks ATM or at another Danish banks ATM.
Finance Denmark finances the management and development of Basalindlånskonto, which is available in Danish.


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Finance Denmark is an interest organisation for banks and mortgage institutions in Denmark. Our members are mortgage institutions, banks, savings banks, cooperative savings banks and Danish branches of foreign banks.

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