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Finance Denmark is now a reality

Publiceret 22-11-2016

Today, the Danish Bankers Association, the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks and the Danish Mortgage Banks' Federation formally decided to unite the activities of the three trade associations under one new joint trade association. For all intents and purposes, this means that from today, Finance Denmark represents the entire sector.

Group Chief Executive at Nykredit, Michael Rassmussen, was unanimously elected as Finance Denmark’s first chairman. Peter Lybecker from Nordea and Tonny Thierry Andersen from Danske Bank were elected as first and second vice chairman respectively.

FinanceDenmark will work towards creating good framework conditions for the sector, thereby supporting growth and employment in Denmark as well as maintaining and developing a strong and healthy Danish mortgage system.

The new organisation, which was announced in the beginning of December 2016, will additionally strengthen the sector’s professional competences, lend a stronger voice against the challenges that the sector is facing, especially in relation to international regulation, and reduce costs.

Ulrik Nødgaard and Ane Arnth Jensen will together make up the executive board for Finance Denmark as CEO and Deputy CEO respectively. The field of mortgage credit will have a special focus with its own board of directors as well as its own secretariat at Finance Denmark.

The task of uniting the organisations within Finance Denmark is already underway.

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Finance Denmark is an business association for banks, mortgage institutions, asset management, securities trading and investment funds in Denmark. Our members are mortgage institutions, banks, savings banks, cooperative savings banks, Danish branches of foreign banks, asset managers, Danish securities dealers and investment funds. 

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