Policy Agenda

This policy agenda (hereafter referred to as “The policy agenda”) serves as a reference point for Finance Denmark’s daily activities.

The aim of the policy agenda is to:

  • create a unified foundation of values for Finance Denmark;
  • function as a basis for priorities and a reference point for Finance Denmark’s activities;
  • create clarity and a common understanding of the establishment process for Finance Denmark.

The policy agenda is available to the general public.

A strategy for Finance Denmark will be drawn up for each chairmanship on the basis of the policy agenda. This strategy will be presented to the boards of directors in Finance Denmark and the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks.


  •  Finance Denmark functions as an interest organisation for financial and mortgage institutions in Denmark.
  •  Finance Denmark works nationally and internationally to ensure that financial and mortgage institutions in Denmark have the best possible framework conditions, so that they can support sustainable growth and job creation in Denmark.
  •  Finance Denmark attaches equal emphasis and importance to representing the interests of financial and mortgage institutions, regardless of the choice of business model. 
  •  Finance Denmark seeks out dialogue and is a constructive, competent and proactive partner in the political debate and process, and thereby actively seeks influence in societal developments.
  •  Finance Denmark works towards promoting competition, openness and transparency in the entire financial sector and supports equal competitive conditions between mortgage lending from financial and mortgage institutions. 
  •  Finance Denmark works towards ensuring that everyone in the financial sector adheres to the applicable laws, rules and ethical standards, as well as recommendations and guidelines from authorities in a consistent and proactive way.
  •  Finance Denmark works particularly actively to seek and exercise influence on rules that are or can be of fundamental significance to financial and/or mortgage institutions in Denmark, including substantial changes to applicable capital requirements, liquidity rules, settlement rules etc.   
  •  Finance Denmark works actively, both nationally and internationally to maintain and develop the distinct Danish mortgage model, including maintaining the principal of equilibrium and continually optimising the status of mortgage bonds, as well as issuing, liquidity and capital rules in the area.
  •  Within the framework of Finance Denmark, the Association of Danish Mortgage Banks handles matters that particularly affect mortgage institutions. 

Finance Denmark is a business association for banks, mortgage institutions, asset management, securities trading and investment funds in Denmark. Our members are mortgage institutions, banks, savings banks, cooperative savings banks, Danish branches of foreign banks, asset managers, Danish securities dealers and investment funds. 

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