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We are unfortunately not able to offer places at the ThesisLab due to the situation regarding the coronavirus.

Finance Denmark’s ThesisLab is an offer for you, if you are a master’s student and are writing your thesis on a relevant topic concerning the Danish financial sector. Finance Denmark offers a good physical setting and contributes with professional sparring and mentoring throughout your thesis process.

Are you interested in banks, mortgages, regulation, the economy or a similar area, do you have a good understanding of and interest in politics and do you want to write your thesis in one of the strongest and most expanded networks in the Danish financial sector? Then maybe Finance Denmark can offer an office space, paid lunch scheme and a daily routine that drives and motivates your thesis to you! Our thesis placements are free, but we expect you to present your findings to us.

Throughout the process of writing your thesis, you will have a sociable workplace at your disposal, which in addition to physical elements such as a table, chair etc., will also give you access to the internet, a printer and other office facilities.

You will become part of a professional environment, where you can discuss with specialists and other thesis students, and you can participate in Finance Denmark’s professional events. In addition, Finance Denmark’s member companies will have the opportunity to get in contact with you, if your thesis topic is relevant.

Criteria for thesis topics:

Theses written in ThesisLab must produce relevant and objective knowledge for the Danish financial sector i.e. in the form of analyses of the sector’s development, new trends, current topics, regulations, the sector’s role in relation to the rest of society etc.

We have space for 5 teams of thesis students (groups or individual students).

If you have any questions, you are welcome to write or call , Solveig Råberg Tingey, on +45 3370 1118 or [email protected].

We are unfortunately not able to offer places at the ThesisLab due to the situation regarding the coronavirus.

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Thanks to some of Finans Danmark consultants we are able to enrich our research with more insights on the econometrics approaches and monetary policy system mechanisms. We feel Thesis Lab has provided a concrete support to our research.

Anna & Martina, ThesisLab students at Finance Denmark spring 2017

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