The Executive Board

The Executive Board establishes the line of politics and positions the frameworks within which the Secretariat carries out its work. The Executive Board consists of maximum 11 members selected for two years at a time, cf. article 14 of the Rules.

At the moment the following comprise The Executive Board

Board member

Head of Fi&C Denmark Lass Højlund
Danske Bank
Senior Director Peter F. Andersen
Jyske Bank
Director Pia Brink Andersen
Director Jan Gerhardt,
Spar Nord Bank 
Head of Markets Kenny Friis Gade
Director Jeannette Kiirdal Madsen
Executive VP - Markets Henrik Juel Villberg
Saxo Bank
Head of Markets Jesper Olsen
Arbejdernes Landsbank
Co-Head of Markets Trading Morten Rasmussen 
Nordea Danmark


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Finance Denmark is a business association for banks, mortgage institutions, asset management, securities trading and investment funds in Denmark. Our members are mortgage institutions, banks, savings banks, cooperative savings banks, Danish branches of foreign banks, asset managers, Danish securities dealers and investment funds. 

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