How to complain about your bank

You can complain about your bank by enquiring there and speaking with the Complaints Officer. If this does not resolve the problem you can complain to The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services.

Legislation ensures that there is a Complaints Officer at your bank, who can help with disputes between you and your bank. You can find the Complaints Officer on your bank’s website or by asking your bank adviser. 

If the problem is not solved together with the Complaints Officer, you can complain to The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services. The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services was established by Finance Denmark, the Association of Danish Cooperative Savings Banks and the Danish Consumer Council.

Who and what can I complain about - and how?

The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services handles complaints about Danish and Faroese banks as well as their subsidiary companies, i.e. finance companies, however, it does not handle complaints concerning mortgage or insurance companies, as there are two special complaint boards for them. The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services also handles complaints about Danish branches of foreign banks.

You can complain if your complaint is about private customer relations. Your complaint must concern a specific dispute relating to property rights concerning a financial requirement. The complaint board does not handle complaints about general circumstances such as a bank’s marketing practices or employee behaviour.

You must send your complaint on a special complaint form, which you can order from the complaint board’s secretariat. It costs DKK 200, which you will be refunded if you are successful in your case.

Finance Denmark advises all banks to follow decisions made in agreement by the Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services.


The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services
Amaliegade 8 b, 2. sal
Postboks 1029
1022 Copenhagen K
Tel.: 3543 6333
Telephone hours: Monday - Friday 9.30AM - 12.30PM
E-mail: [email protected]

The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services

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