Purchasing property

Buying a house is one of the biggest and more complicated financial decisions we can face. As a general rule, a bank adviser is involved in the central phases of buying a home. In Denmark, all parts of purchasing and selling property have been digitised and this means quicker and more precise procedures.

Purchasing and selling property in Denmark is supported by one of the most developed digital land registration systems in the world. Digital land registration was introduced in 2009 and is managed by the Land Registration Office within the Danish Court Administration.

The financial sector registers via its own system, Electronic Joint Processes and Infrastructure (eFPI), which is connected to the Danish Court Administration’s central system.

The general public can use www.tinglysning.dk

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Digital purchasing and selling property

The digital register supports all digital purchasing and selling of property, which is managed by e-nettet on the platform e-bolighandel.

Estate agents, banks and lawyers can easily exchange data in connection with a property purchase here.

See more at www.e-nettet.dk

Guidelines and documents

Finance Denmark cooperates with a range of organisations to coordinate administrative procedures when purchasing property. For example, Finance Denmark has compiled standard guarantee texts, which are to be used when a buyer must provide a guarantee for the purchase amount to the seller, in collaboration with the Joint Committee for Cooperative Housing Associations, the Danish Bar and Law Society, the Danish Construction Association, the Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents, the Association of Danish Law Firms and the Association of Danish Real Estate Law Firms.

Finance Denmark has also complied guidelines on administrative procedures in connection with purchasing shared ownership properties.

You can find them here in Danish:

Vejledende sagsgang ved etablering af pant i andelsboliger

Vejledende sagsgang ved etablering af pant i andelsboliger 

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