Online bank robbery and phishing

Crime against banks via customers’ online banking is a growing problem. Denmark experienced online bank robbery for the first time in 2006 and since then the number of online bank robbery attempts has increased every year.

The calculations cover both successful and failed attempts, as well as the loss.

Online bank robbery (Fraud, Malware)
The number of registered attempts of online bank robbery concerns cases where a break-in has occurred i.e. by installing a hacker program on a user’s PC, mobile phone or tablet, and this technique can be combined with fraud.

Social engineering (phishing etc.)
The number of registered attempts of social engineering concerns cases, where the user is persuaded to hand over or type in information (ID, passwords or key card codes) to IT criminals on the basis of fake e-mails, SMSs or telephone calls. These seem to come from a reputable company, authority or a friend.

Loss in DKK. 
This concerns the amount that IT criminals get away with. Banks cover the loss for private customers. The loss is corrected as long as some of the money is returned.

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