NemID (future MitID)

NemID was launched in 2010 as a common, electronic identification solution. As more public and private companies are now offering services online, the need for users to be able to identify themselves and confirm their identity on the internet has increased.

As a safe and easy identification and authentification solution, NemID can be used as a login and a digital signature.

Using NemID requires a username, password and a single-use code i.e. something you remember and something you have. This dual factor solution means that you can login from any computer or mobile device. Hence, NemID as a digital signature is a safe, easily available and user-friendly solution.

In March 2017, it was decided to continue NemID under a new name after the future invitation to tender. See more here: NemID bliver til MitID.

• An agreement between the public sector and Danish banks is behind the development of NemID.
• Today, more than 400 approved private companies are part of the NemID community today in addition to the public sector and Danish banks.
• As of February 2017, there are 4.9 million NemIDs in Denmark.
• In the period 1.5.2010 – 28.02.2017, there has been 3.96 million transactions in total.
• The agreement about used NemID widely makes the solution a recognisable product for users.
• A common solution ensures user-friendliness. 
• NemID was developed by Nets DanID for the public sector and banks as a common solution for citizens in Denmark.



  • Single-use codes for NemID are delivered either on the key card which is the same size as a credit card or on a number display which can be attached to a keychain. NemID is, therefore, easy to have when you are on the go.
  • NemID is the same login everyone. Regardless of whether you want to use online banking, the municpality's self-service, or whether you want to download your annual statement from SKAT, open letters in e-Boks or take care of insurances, the way you log in is exactly the same.
  • NemID was launched in 2014 in an edition, where it was possible to use NemID on mobile devices.
  • 82% of Danes who know NemID trust the solution.


• NemID is built on a two factor solution: something you remember (username and password) and something you have (single-use code accessible on a key card or number display)
• In order to abuse your NemID, an IT criminal would have to get hold of your password and your keycard. This is why NemID is much better at protecting against thieves and hackers than many other solutions, because you are not only protected by a password.
• Crime is constantly changing and security around NemID adapts to these developments.
• The two factor solution gives good and constant protection. In addition, additional security surrounding NemID is constantly monitored and developed.
• As with other digital solutions, there is a risk of failure i.e. with system updates.
NemID has been updated with new services, which ensure that NemID can withstand different kinds of attacks against the central solution. However, solutions that will reduce the effect of phishing attacks against NemID users have also been implemented.

There are procedures that ensure that authorities can quickly intervene so that abuse can be reduced as much as possible, if hackers are successful in tricking users out of their NemID information.

• With NemID, the services on offer are available 24/7. Therefore, users can freely choose when they want to visit the bank, make an appointment at the doctors etc.
• Companies and the public sector use less time on administrative processes (calls, data entry etc.) with NemID and the solution thereby ensures more effective working procedures.
• NemID is an advantage for different digital solutions because it has become a solution that users will and can use.

• Not all digital ID solutions can be used with both public sector and private companies' services online, like with NemID.
• NemID is a thoroughly tested and successful solution in Demark in line with solutions available in the other Nordic countries.
• The committment to innovation in Denmark is one of the reasons why the development and implementation of a common ID solution has been possible.

  • NemID has strengthened the development of digital solutions and created potential for the development of new digital solutions that users have easy access to.
  • The aim of NemID was 2.7 million users by the end of 2014. In February 2017, 4.9 million Danes had signed up to and used NemID*. A large proportion of Danes who are over 18 years old are users of the digital solution.
  • Dermed kender flest brugere NemID fra netbanken***. While 71% of NemID users associate NemID wilth logging onto public websites, 90% of NemID users associate it with logging onto online banking***.
  • As the graph below shows, the largest amount of transactions are carried out with NemID in online banking:

Total number of transactions since May 2010:


Source: Nets


** Source: Nets.

*** MEC Analytics & Insights, NemID imag survey 2016.


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