Housing Statistics

Finance Denmark publishes a number of statistics of interest to borrowers and the mortgage industry in general. We aim to publish statistics that contribute to maintain transparent housing and financing markets.

Most of our statistics are based on data submitted by Finance Denmark’s members. However, to provide as complete a picture of the state of the Danish mortgage market as possible we include statistics from Statistics Denmark and Danmarks Nationalbank among others.

Housing Supply Statistics
On a monthly basis, The Housing Supply Statistics indicate the development in the number of homes for sale, time-on-market, and listing prices. It provides a great perspective on the current state of the Danish housing market.

House Price Statistics
On a quarterly basis The House Price Statistics show fluctuations in average square metre prices and the number of open market transactions involving detached and terraced houses, owner-occupied flats and holiday homes. The oldest statistics date back to 1992.

Mortgage Lending Statistics The Lending Statistics show the lending activity of Danish mortgage banks - e.g. the total volume and growth of loans granted by the Danish mortgage banks.

The Arrears Statistics show the share of mortgage payments that were not met 3½ months after their due date.

Repossessed homes
The statistics cover the number of owner-occupied homes subject to repossession by mortgage banks due to defaults on mortgage payments.

Mortgage Rates
The Mortgage Rate Statistics provide an average indicator of bond yields. These are published weekly.

Loan Offers
Every month, Finance Denmark publishes statistics on the total number of loan offers, financing private residential and commercial properties, issued by Danish mortgage banks. The statement is based on data reported by Finance Denmark’s members.


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