Mortgage Lending Statistics - Methodology Note

The Mortgage Lending Statistics show the lending activity of the Danish mortgage banks.

The indicator ‘Gross Lending’ represents the total volume of loans granted by the Danish mortgage banks. Gross Lending shows the mortgage principal translated into cash value, i.e. all loan types are included in the statistics at the market value of their mortgage principal on the first interest day. Net Lending represents the actual growth in the total volume of loans granted; this figure shows gross lending less prepayments and ordinary repayments.

The Remaining Bond Debt represents the aggregate outstanding volume of loans of the Danish mortgage banks. The remaining bond debt is defined as the nominal bond amount required to prepay the nominal remaining bond debt on a loan.

Transfers and prepayments are calculated at market value on the last interest day, and the related payments to bondholders are included in the same month. Other (p)repayments and payments e.g. in connection with change of ownership or change of mortgage bank will be handled according to the same principles. In connection with bond transfers, the price on the last interest day will be used.

Repayments are classified as transfers, if in connection with the prepayment a new loan is raised with the same mortgage bank at the same time. The term ‘at the same time’ means that a new loan has been raised on the property for a period of up to 11 months prior to the last interest day.

Prepayments are repayments in connection with loans taken out with another mortgage bank as well as loans repaid without a new loan being taken out and extraordinary repayments being made.

The statistics are published quarterly based on reporting from the mortgage banks.


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