Mortgage rates

Finance Denmark prepares an average indicator of bond rates on a weekly basis.

The bond rates offer a comprehensive view of the development in rates on the Danish mortgage credit market. They are calculated on a weekly basis and show the average bond yield to maturity (YTM). In other words: the bond rates show what the average yield is for investors who have bought newly issued mortgage bonds in the week in question.

On this background, Finance Denmark has chosen to calculate three average indicators for mortgage bond rates:

  • The average short bond rate for mortgage bonds denominated in DKK
  • The average short bond rate for mortgage bonds denominated in EUR
  • The average long bond rate for mortgage bonds denominated in DKK


Latest update of the mortgage bond rate

Mortgage rate Short bond rate (DKK) Long bond rate (DKK) Short bond rate (EUR)
Week 48 2,63 4,83 2,64

The long and the short bond rates (on a weekly basis).

The mortgage bonds rates for the periode week 27 2018 to week 24 2022 has been revised in week 25 2022.


Click here to find the weekly mortgage rates (in Danish)


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