Danish financial sector has launched its second sustainability report

Publiceret 19-05-2022

The Danish financial sector’s financing of green activities reached DKK 548 billion in 2021. DKK 5 billion of which came from the financing of zero- and low-emissions cars. Advisers increasingly address the gains from sustainability and energy efficiencies in their dialogue with customers. And two thirds are now invested in funds with sustainable objectives or characteristics. These are some of the results in Finance Denmark’s second sustainability report describing the efforts of the financial sector.

Banks and mortgage lenders are Denmark's financial engine, and together with the customers, they help drive the green transition of society by providing sustainable investment and loan products and competent advice and by addressing sustainability in their dialogue with customers. This way, we as a sector support Danish people and businesses in making sustainable choices.

In 2021, focus has been on integrating the green transition in all parts of a financial business, offering customers more green products and ensuring increased transparency of our sustainability efforts through recording, reporting, target setting and by providing customers with information.

This has undoubtedly led to specific and measurable results. Today, nine in ten banks and mortgage lenders have implemented a sustainability strategy. And equally as many of them include sustainability in their dialogue with customers. The sector has offered supplementary sustainability training to around 8,000 of some 40,000 employees, upskilling the advisers who serve customers on a daily basis. The number of new green loan products, including loans to finance energy efficiency and zero- and low-emission cars, increased in 2021, and the financial sector's financing of green activities reached DKK 548 billion of which DKK 5 billion came from financing of zero- and low emissions cars. Further, the sector sold DKK 87 billion-worth of green bonds. Today two thirds of retail funds' investments have sustainable characteristics or objectives. And in collaboration with various partners, the members of Finance Denmark have promoted the green transition through the development of tools for measurement of climate footprints of farms and small and medium-sized businesses.

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